February 26, 2024 Olivia Hong

1,2,3 Récré Collection

It is now time to equip your children according to their style and desires.

Aprons, skirts, pants, Leggings, Teddy, Tracksuits, you will find everything with our selection for this new school year.

Sergent Major presents the New Collection in an exceptional setting:
The Musée Rodin.

The collection is characterized by a deep navy blue, expressed through denim, fleece, and velvet, enlivened by a beautiful buttercup yellow for timeless outfits. The details of the collection are delicate and poetic, echoing the beauty of the Museum and its blooming gardens. The collection features a lovely, embroidered collar, a printed cotton gauze, a sleeveless knit vest adorned with a brooch, and more.

Sergent Major, the French children’s fashion Maison, has unveiled its New Collection in a stunning setting: The Musée Rodin. The iconic Parisian venue provides a perfect backdrop for the collection, with the pathways of the garden and the indoor exhibitions adding to the grandeur of the place.

The Musée Rodin is a fitting venue for the collection, as it is a place of art and culture that inspires creativity and imagination. The collaboration between Sergent Major and the Musée Rodin is imbued with poetry and romance, creating a School Collection that captivates with its timeless classicism.

Check out the collection at the nearest Sergent Major store now!

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