March 8, 2024 Olivia Hong

La Mélodie des Cévennes Collection

La Mélodie des Cévennes: No need to go too far to experience great adventures.

Into the new year, new season of 2024, it’s time to refresh our little one’s wardrobe with the Newest Spring Summer collection of Sergent Major!

La Mélodie des Cévennes, our inspirations are multiple and nourished by our creative heritage.

Let’s go on a trip together…!

By stepping out the doorstep, we’re surrounded by the scent of the flowers and the joyful concerts of our insect friends. Wrapped in cozy materials: quilted cotton, soft knit, and twill, it is sure great to kick off this season by going outdoors.

Green, is a gentle reminder of spring’s arrival; a symbol of new beginnings.

Softened with pink and tangerine for girls, green becomes a whimsical palette that arouses a sense of playful vibe, painting the world with joy and warmth.


From the shirt dress to the Peter Pan collar, it’s a glimpse of vintage running through this collection. For boys, checkered shirts and cargo pants are a nostalgic train, transporting one to simpler days and treasured moments in the past.

A charming start that encourages us to dream of the sunny days to come!

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