March 7, 2024 Olivia Hong

Mango takes its Mediterranean retail concept to The Exchange TRX

Mango, a prominent fashion group in Europe, is actively pursuing its international expansion strategy with the launch of new stores in Malaysia. Among these is the latest Mango store located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, at The Exchange TRX. 

The new store has a selling space of 7,014sqft and offers a curated selection from the Woman, Man and Kids lines. Embodying the group’s signature Mediterranean-inspired aesthetic, the store showcases the New Med concept, a design philosophy seen in flagship stores around the world. A unique feature of the store is its Mossy Wallscape, offering a peek into our world from the outside. 

This concept aims to reflect the spirit and freshness of the brand. It is strongly influenced by Mediterranean culture and lifestyle and sustainability and architectural integration are key. The New Med concept envisages Mango stores as a Mediterranean house with different rooms, where warm tones and neutral colours predominate, combined with traditional, handcrafted, sustainable and natural materials, such as ceramics, tuff, wood, marble, esparto, and leather.   

Wing Tai’s pursuit of excellence extends to its fashion retail business in Singapore and Malaysia. Offering exceptional value, quality design and exemplary customer service, we are a sought after partner by global brands seeking expansion into Asia.

Wing Tai has established a stellar reputation in the retail industry, for its ability to bring notable fashion retail brands to Singapore and Malaysia. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have become the go-to partner for global fashion brands.


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