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Our Sustainable Path

Commitment to a path​ 

At Mango, we understand sustainability as a path that fashion must follow in search of a fairer society and the reduction of its environmental impact. In 2002, we were pioneers in the sector by creating a Sustainability Department that, since then, has been responsible for establishing Mango’s sustainability roadmap. 

The axes of our roadmap 

Mango’s Strategic Sustainability Plan establishes our company’s action principles and commitments and organizes our path towards sustainability into three main lines of action, aligned with our values as a company. Commitment to the Product, Commitment to the Planet and Commitment to People. 


Thinking about the garments, imagining what their next life will be. This is Mango’s goal. That is why we are working with our design teams to ensure that 100% of our garments are designed with circularity criteria by 2030, while at the same time looking for solutions for the collection of garments that have reached the end of their life cycle. 

Circularity, at the heart of the garments. We are training our design and purchasing teams in circular design and are prioritizing the use of easily recyclable compositions at the end of the garment’s life.

Mango is committed to offering its customers the possibility of giving their garments a second life. Recycling Box containers can currently be found in 100% of Mango’s own stores in 18 countries. 

Mango is beginning to incorporate the use of recycled materials in its stores’ structural elements, with initiatives such as the creation of suspended ceilings made from 100% recycled polyester panels. 

Wing Tai’s pursuit of excellence extends to its fashion retail business in Singapore and Malaysia. Offering exceptional value, quality design and exemplary customer service, we are a sought after partner by global brands seeking expansion into Asia.

Wing Tai has established a stellar reputation in the retail industry, for its ability to bring notable fashion retail brands to Singapore and Malaysia. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have become the go-to partner for global fashion brands.


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